Thanksgiving day hike

The turkey’s tryptophan kicked in before I had a chance to click “Publish” last night. Oh well. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family!

Sightseeing the Bay by foot

Turkey time!

The big meal

Community is a blessing that can take months, or often years, to form. I’m grateful God has blessed us with a growing community in the short time we’ve lived in the Bay area. Friends to run with, ride with, write with, and gripe about being an intern with. My eyelids are heavy with turkey right now, but I wanted to quickly share a short blessing written by a new friend.

Marcia Davis-Cannon is one of the voices in the writing group I’ve found through church—actually, that I found through Marcia. She was a greeter at the first service we went to at the Mountain View campus of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church back in June.

With a few friendly words she piqued my interest in the Saturday morning women’s writing workshops and again later, in an “Uncover Your Calling” course she teaches through the church, essentially a six-week class guiding participants to articulate and connect with their vocational passions. Just the cup of tea for dozens of us in transition who signed up for the class.

Writing undergirded it all, and I learned something important: That it’s important to count our blessings, but sometimes it’s important to count the hardships too. Wherever you are this Thanksgiving, whether gentle breezes are nudging you forward or wicked headwinds are buffeting you backward, may you blessed.

View from breezy Russian Ridge

Blessing for Writers

By Marcia Davis-Cannon

For the women of my writing groups:

May you be blessed.

May writing bring you understanding as you articulate the intricate interweaving of our journeys.

May writing bring you peace as you process secrets never meant to be kept.

May you intensify your perception. May you feast on the abundance and voluptuousness of life, tasting each precious morsel so mindfully that you engage your readers’ senses and transport them through your words.

May you embrace emotions, all of them. We cannot write words that generate an emotional response in others that we have not lived ourselves. Numbness is the enemy. May you let yourself feel bad, and may you write until you feel good again.

May your words bring healing, to you and others, as they release the fear of the unarticulated, as they allow light to shine on whatever you would prefer to keep in shadow.

May your words bless. May you express appreciation, forgiveness, honor, love. May we who have the gift of words use those words as a potent force for good.

I love you. You have blessed me mightily with your presence, your hugs, your affirmations, and, especially, your written words. Apt words, masterful words. Words that leap and quiver, pummel and beckon. Words that transform.

May you and your words bless and be blessed in ever-widening ripples that reinforce and perpetuate blessing.

May you be blessed.