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Driving rain greeted us this past weekend, the kind of tempestuous spring weather best spent indoors with reruns of HBO shows and French press coffee. Instead Mike and I spent it building a chicken coop. Of course. The hardest part to believe is it wasn’t even my idea.

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Do you know what the best part of a marathon is? The last half-mile. That’s where my parents found me in the Napa Valley Marathon and took these photos. You can see my finish-line exhaustion, then euphoria. I was really, really happy to see them.

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I’m cooking up a longer post, but in the meantime I want to share a few photos.

This winter I had the chance to participate in Stanford Continuing Studies Program’s ART 225: Capturing Defining Moments in Photography. Our instructor, Don Feria, took us on a crash course of photojournalism and street photography.

Class has ended and tonight is the first Thursday without lecture and critique in more than two months. I miss it already. Take a peek at the gallery of my talented classmates’ work if you have a minute.

Good news! Today I had the opportunity to be a guest blogger on The Proximal Kitchen, a witty food and wine blog written by Scott Kerson for the Press Democrat, a newspaper in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Check it out!

Remember my post about swearing off the snooze button once and for all? It hurts to be so damn predictable. Really it does. I lasted precisely one week.

Instead of waking up early I’ve perfected the art of the morning scramble, which, unfortunately has absolutely nothing to do with eggs.

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