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spring carrots

This winter I had the opportunity to meet Rosalind Creasy, an acclaimed gardening expert, and ask for her advice to a novice gardener. The short version: She told me to go to a nursery and flirt with the old men.

Huh. Admittedly, I didn’t see that advice coming. But then she explained. Gardening is an apprenticeship of sorts. You can read a zillion articles online or pour over glossy magazines, but ultimately most gardening know-how is tactile. Knowing what the soil should feel like. Knowing how to prune a rosebush. Knowing the good bugs from the bad bugs.

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Pound cake and coffee

My grandfather passed away the weekend before last. At a loss for what else to do, I decided to bake a cake in Grandpa Bill’s honor. He had a sweet tooth like his granddaughter.

You would have liked him. “Well, hi there,” he would say, reaching to shake your hand with a chuckle. He had a deep baritone voice that rumbled, burnishing each word with warmth, tobacco, and a touch of the South.

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