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best card ever

November seems to have a mean streak. Thanksgiving may be right around the corner, but preparing for this day of gratitude first involves running a gauntlet with a grocery cart. You’ve been there. The mad dash for the turkey, the blitz for the cranberry sauce, the battery in the baking aisle. It’s a warzone out there.

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triple squash soup

Healing is a process that refuses to hurry. If you have witnessed it in a loved one, then you know the feeling of wishing you could wave a magic wand, whistle a tune, or snap your fingers and restore what is broken.

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A recently repaired clavicle

As some of you have heard, it’s been a bumpy week. Reality came crashing in after Paris—more literally than we anticipated. Because insurance claims are underway, I will stay mum on the details of the accident (please do the same if you comment on this post). But the long and the short of it: Mike was a patient for Halloween. Luckily, collarbones mend and concussions fade into healing.

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