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baby belly

It’s official. I can no longer see my feet. Oh, they’re down there—sometimes I lean forward to greet my toes and confirm this fact—but without question my view to the floor is looking more rotund these days.

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virgin drinks

Sit down and pour yourself a refreshing beverage. I have some news. Our family is growing. And no, I don’t mean we’re getting a pygmy goat. Baby Githens arrives in mid-September! Today we found out that he’s a boy, something I’ve suspected for months now, yet suddenly it all seems so much more real.

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sliced Meyer lemons

“Who gives recipes for lemonade?” asked my coworker, somewhat sheepishly.

I, for one, was glad to learn her perfected ratio of water, juice, and sugar. A veteran lemonade maker, she made two gallons of this elixir for her son’s 1-year birthday from the lemon tree on their property.

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If you’ve been following along for a few weeks, you’ve likely already tired of a pattern in these posts: Bash weather in D.C. Bash weather in Seattle. Brag about sunshine in California.

But here’s the truth: I desperately miss the weather.

Puddle jumping with Denali

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