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roasted asparagus and prosciutto

I had hoped to get this recipe to you before Easter Sunday, of course, but life intervened. No matter. Surely you have leftover eggs and asparagus that need a second destiny. If not, allow me to give you a scrumptious excuse for yet another springtime brunch.

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Isabelle the chicken on the prowl

I ate eggs for dinner three times last week, the only meals I cooked all week. Let it be a testimony: backyard chickens provide a bounty, and pregnant women (at least this one) are less inventive in the kitchen.

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Folks, the holiday rush is upon us. Did it sneak up on anyone else?

Elsewhere in the food blogosphere it’s time for the mad cookie-making rush. ’Tis the season to blitz the grocery store for butter, sugar, and those festive sprinkles I only find appealing at Christmastime. But lest I get your hopes up, let me state upfront: This post is not about Christmas cookies, nor Hanukkah cookies for that matter (e.g., rugelach). For confection instructions, I leave you in the capable hands of Martha. Or Sunset magazine. Or 101 Cookbooks. Whichever the case may be.

This post is about what you’ll eat in the 15 minutes you have to scrounge up dinner between rounds of baking or pre-holiday work deadlines. You can thank me later for staving off that sugar coma.

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