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“Don’t get lost. Don’t be late. It’s good to smile, but easier to get bugs stuck in your teeth.”

When I was 16 and an employee at REI, I discovered this message on a handwritten note in my bike bag. My first thought was to blush, “Oh, that’s sweet.” An older colleague who happened to be a professional triathlete had tucked the note there in the bike closet. And my second thought, sitting up abruptly, was “Am I that transparent?”

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easy gazpacho

Summer has arrived in earnest around these parts, as daylight drifts late into the evening and the garden is beginning to have that scorched earth look. Two weeks ago the mercury hovered near 100 degrees, and I’ve been craving salt and spice and cool ever since. My mom’s gazpacho is the rare summer soup that delivers on all three counts.

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