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gaucho on the pampas

It’s funny how condiments can reflect a culture. The Aussies have their Veggiemite. The Brits their Colman’s mustard. The Japanese their soy sauce. We Americans our peanut butter. There’s so much patriotism wrapped up in a screw-top jar.

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vendor at the farmer's market

Allow me to divert your attention elsewhere as I wrestle with a recipe that needs more fine-tuning. This fall I again answered the siren call of Stanford Continuing Studies, this time a portraiture photography course taught by Neal Menschel.

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endive and walnut blue cheese dip

Given that it’s Friday at 11 p.m., I suspect we both have better places to be than sitting cross-legged, staring down a laptop. But a deal is a deal, which means I owe you another dip before the day is done.

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If you have ever dined Chez Githens, then you know that one appetizer reigns above them all in our kitchen: King Hummus.

Our hummus habit developed in those early post-college years when cooking dinner for friends still felt like playing house. I quickly discovered the problem with hospitality is that it requires another habit—advance planning.

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Point Reyes Lighthouse

Sir Winston Churchill had many famous sayings. At the moment, this is my favorite:

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Sound advice from the “British Bulldog” as we pass through the New Year’s resolution season.

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